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  Sivan 8, 5772 , 29/05/12

"Problem of Muslim Integration Harming Economy"

Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels has been publishing a series of articles about the differences between Muslims and non-Muslims living in Europe. Sennels was interviewed on Israel National Radio's Goldstein on Gelt program with Douglas Goldstein about the issue.

Sennels is a former prison psychologist in Copenhagen, Denmark. He told Arutz Sheva that his clients were of the same social-economic background and age but different along religious lines.

"The Danish were brought up to feel that anger was negative. Muslims were brought to feel that anger was a way to show strength," Sennels stated. "The concept of honor made Muslims insecure. In the Western concept, there is an inner locus of control, while in Muslim societies, there is an outer locus of control, meaning, they feel their lives are mainly controlled by outside factors." Sennels also said that in his studies, the Muslims felt they were inherently superior to non-Muslims.

"I'm not an expert in the economy like you," Sennels told Goldstein, "but its clear that the problems of integration of Muslims in Europe is contributing to the worsening economy."

Goldstein on Gelt is a program that deals with the economy of Israel and other fiscal matters. It airs every Monday at 7:00pm Israel time. For the full interview with Nicolai Sennels click here. For podcast archives, click here.

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