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  Sivan 7, 5772 , 28/05/12

AG Drops Torat Hamelech Case

The Attorney General's office on Monday announced that it would not pursue charges against Rabbis Yitzchak Shapira and Yosef Yirmiyahu Elitzur, who authored the book that was considered controversial by some over claims that it incites against Arabs. The cases against Rabbis Yitzchak Ginsburg and Dov Lior, who gave a haskama - a stamp of approval- to the book will be dropped as well.

Rabbi Shapira was arrested by police for questioning over the book, as was Rabbi Lior for his approbation of it. Both were later released. While an arrest warrant had been issued for him, Rabbi Lior later explained he believed he was not obligated to appear before the police despite the normative practice that one follow the law of the land because it was Torah itself being put on trial.

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