News Briefs

  5/4/2012, Iyar 12, 5772

Hershkowitz Calls for United Jewish House

Chairman Daniel Hershkowitz of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish House-New National Religious Party) called, Thursday, for consolidation of the religious Zionist parties. In a letter posted on Facebook to party activists, he said he made the move from the academic-rabbinical world to the political one, almost three years ago to fulfill his vision of such a party in place of small sectarian parties whose influence was limited or non-existent.

The science minister continued, "Only a party with a double-digit number of seats can finally solve the problem of tuitions in yeshiva high schools and girls' religious high schools and will have a significant influence on government policy on any issue." Referring to the upcoming party elections, he said, "These primaries will determine, among other things, if this vision can be realized."