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  Iyar 10, 5772 , 02/05/12

Israeli Fathers Sue For Equal Rights in Divorce Cases

Four Israeli men have filed separate lawsuits claiming that social services, the Welfare Department, and other Israeli government institutions are biased against husbands and fathers in divorce hearings. One of the suits is being filed by David Weisskopf, an immigrant from the United States. In an article printed in the Free Republic, Weisskopf said that he was discriminated against unfairly by social workers.

In Israel, all divorced or divorcing fathers must pay child support every month. If they do not pay in full, they can have the money automatically taken out of their paychecks, have their bank accounts frozen, have the drivers license revoked or be imprisoned.

The other lawsuits also claim that the Israeli system is biased against men and restrict a father's access to his children during divorce litigation. The tender years clause in Israel stipulates that mothers gain automatic custody of a child until the child is 6 years old. Assisting in the lawsuits is a group called the Coalition for Children and the Family in Israel.

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