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  Nissan 23, 5772 , 15/04/12

Rabbi Lior: No Place for Disrupters of Jewish Rule

Rabbi Dov Lior of Kiryat Arba'-Hevron said, Sunday, "The entry of immigrants from African states is a sophisticated move to get terrorists into Israel under the guise of family reunification and all sorts of these types of pronouncements." Addressing the fifth annual Ramle Conference on the Problem of Foreign Workers and the Phenomenon of Infiltrators into Israel, he continued, "These are things which could hurt the security of the state of Israel."

Rabbi Lior said, "We have a divine commandment to return to Israel. There are positive commandments to inherit the land, to settle it and to establish Jewish rule. Those who disrupt this should not be among us. This is our home and an Arab who wants to express his nationalism has many countries in which to do so. We don't have another land. We don't have another state." He attributed the hostile flotillas and flytillas of recent years to "blind hatred" designed to hurt the people of Israel "under the guise of peace".

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