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  Nissan 23, 5772 , 15/04/12

Families to Pay for Private Forensic Institute Burials

Chairman Uri Maklev of the Knesset Committee on Public Petitions, who serves on the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, sent an urgent letter, Sunday to Constitution, Law and Justice Committee Chairman David Rotem, demanding the quick scheduling of a hearing of an inter-office memo requiring families to pay for re-opening graves if they want separate burials for body parts and tissue of their relatives among parts and tissue of about 8,200 bodies that the National Forensic Institute at Abu-Kabir has been holding for years. The fact that the body parts and tissue had not been buried for many years was revealed a few weeks ago. The memo proposed that the parts and tissue be buried in central graves without the participation of the families. It also calls for samples to be taken from all the parts and tissues.

Member of Knesset Maklev said, "Above all, the procedure, in part, runs contrary to Jewish law and gives approval to continued disrespect for the dead." He said that there was an obligation to bury the deceased completely and that the families had a right to participate. Maklev said that there were families who were not aware that their loved ones had not been buried completely, adding that the families should not be charged for the continuation of the burial and that the taking of samples was out of place.

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