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  Nissan 18, 5772 , 10/04/12

Pollard Committee: No Official Reply from Obama

The Committee for Pollard said, Tuesday, that it had not received a reply from United States President Barack Obama on the request by President Shim'on Peres to release Jonathan Pollard, who has been in jail since 1985 for passing classified information from the U.S. to Israel.

Responding to a statement by  a spokesman for the U.S. National Security Council that it hasn't changed its position of opposition to a pardon for Pollard, the committee issued a statement that said, "The statement by the spokesman for the National Security Council reflects the current view so far and it was made clear that it does not reflect the response of President Obama to the inquiry by President Peres. We are anxiously awaiting President Obama's response. It's important to note that President Obama has the sole authority to grant amnesty and that any statement by another party is irrelevant."

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