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  Nissan 16, 5772 , 08/04/12

Neturei Karta Attacks Zionist Hareidi Community

Hot on the heels of its participation in last month's Muslim march on Israel's borders, the hareidi anti-Zionist Neturei Karta sect recently issued notices attacking the state of Israel for its statements of defense against the Iranian nuclear threat. At the opening of the notices, it is claimed that Israel is provoking the nations of the world.

The ads continue, "Not only do the Zionists, who are taking over the state, dare to provoke the nations of the world in a lawless way, their hareidi-nationalist collaborators are not ashamed to join them, and being part of the Zionist chariot, they continually declare rebellion and provocation of the nations, contrary to the Torah warning 'Don't provoke the nations,' the punishment for which is terrible, as explained by the sages."

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