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  Nissan 9, 5772 , 01/04/12

Eitan Against Expansion of Biometric Powers

Minister for Improvement of Government Services, Michael Eitan, expressed his opposition, Sunday, to a government decision that expanded the authority on the person in charge of biometric applications in the Prime Minister's Office and called on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to consult with experts in the field of privacy protection. Eitan said, "Instead of the state of Israel harnessing technology to improve services, Israel is being portrayed as a state which is harnessing technology to monitor the movements and telephone conversations of Israeli citizens."

He continued, "Today's cabinet decision reveals that, far from the eyes of the public and without any parliamentary control, government steps which seriously harm one's privacy are being formulated." Eitan concluded, "We should stop competing for the dubious title of world champions in monitoring and surveillance on citizens."

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