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  Nissan 5, 5772 , 28/03/12

Protesters Want "Shteibelach" To Block PA Access

"We will return every day to the road and pray Mincha and Aravit and open a 'shteibeliach'" said David Ben-Tzion, a resident of Elon Moreh and one of the approximately 100 protesters who blocked a road leading from an Arab settlement in Samaria on Wednesday. Ben-Tzion told Arutz Sheva's Hebrew language news service that "this is a very difficult period in terms of security. Recently there have been several attempts to penetrate our community." A shteibelach is a Yiddish term for a small synagogue. Ben-Tzion's novel protest would be to block the road to Arab traffic with afternoon and evening prayer services. 

Residents of the Elon Moreh complained that the Israel Defense Force should have not allowed residents of the Palestinian Authority, specifically from the settlement of Beit Furik to have access so close to Elon Moreh. They fear that terrorists could gain easy access to the Jewish neighborhoods. 

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