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  Nissan 4, 5772 , 27/03/12

Pro-Israel Facebook Group Gains Over 1 Million "Likes"

A pro-Israel page on the Facebook social network website has received over 1 million supporters this week. United With Israel disseminates positive items about Israel on the internet. The million Facebook users who have clicked "like"  for the page come from over 100 different countries. There are also over 61,500 users "talking about this", meaning they have relayed the Facebook page to other users. The page was started by Michael Gerbitz, a immigrant to Israel from the United States. He stated, "United With Israel is the first pro-Israel organization that’s actually harnessing the full potential of social media. The fact is, if ordinary people in the Arab world and in the former Soviet Union can use social media as the basis for radical change, we can certainly use it to tell the truth about Israel.” For more information visit http://www.facebook.com/unitedwithisrael.

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