News Briefs

  3/6/2012, Adar 12, 5772

Eldad: Chief Rabbis’ Ruling Endangers us All

“The unholy covenant between some rabbis, the far Left and the Islamic Wakf is likely to, G-d forbid, put the future of the entire land of Israel at risk,” MK Aryeh Eldad (Ichud Leumi) declared Tuesday. Eldad was responding to a call from several rabbis not to ascend the Temple Mount.

“Those who are willing to compromise on regular Jewish presence on the Temple Mount, who give up Passover sacrifices ‘for the sake of peace,’ and who accept the fact that Arabs rule the Temple Mount and are destroying every remnant from the Temple as a Heavenly decree – convince the world that the Jews are not serious in their claim to the land of Israel and to Jerusalem,” Eldad warned.