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  2/23/2012, Shevat 30, 5772

Concern: Hizbullah has Latest Anti-Tank Weapon

Israel is trying to verify reports that Lebanese terror group Hizbullah has obtained "a certain" quantity of RPG-30 rocket-propelled grenades, capable of dealing with the Israel Defense Forces' Merkava Mark IV tank, according to Israel Defense. The grenade is considered Russia's most innovative and deadliest anti-tank weapon, designed to deal with special defenses, such as those with which the Merkava is equipped.

Not only can the RPG-30 penetrate armor up to 65 centimeters thick, it sends a decoy projectile to engage the tank's defenses ahead of the active missile. In response, the Rafael weapons development authority has developed the "Trench Coat" defense system, consisting of a 360-degree radar that detects all threats and launches 17 pieces of metal, one of which should strike the incoming missile.

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