News Briefs

  2/21/2012, Shevat 28, 5772

Eichler: Supreme Court Overstepped its Bounds

The Supreme Court overstepped its bounds Tuesday when it ruled that the Knesset cannot extend the Tal Law, MK Yisrael Eichler (United Torah Judaism) has charged. Eichler spoke to Radio Kol Chai and rejected the court’s ruling that the law, which allows hareidi-religious yeshiva students to avoid army service, is discriminatory and therefore unconstituational.

“What does ‘unconstitutional’ mean? The state of Israel does not have a constitution,” Eichler said. “This talk of ‘constitutional’ or ‘unconstitutional’ is a fiction… I deny the Supreme Court’s right to decide what is constitutional or unconstitutional. [The justices] are people who were not elected by the public, they were appointed in political appointments.”