News Briefs

  2/21/2012, Shevat 28, 5772

False Reports of Child Abuse on the Rise

The Knesset's Youth Welfare Committee held a meeting on Tuesday. It was chaired by Member of Knesset Zevulun Orlev (Jewish Home Party). Hannah Slutzky of the Welfare and Social Services Ministry spoke at the session and said that the discrepancy between the number of child abuse cases reported and the number of cases the police actually follow up on, could be the result of an increase in false accusations. She said there was a very large increase in instances where one parent falsely accuses the other of abuse or neglect. An initial false report may be investigated and turned over to the police. In the cases that are proved to be false, repeated charges may not be passed to the police. Courts have the power to appoint a psychologist who can verify charges. Slutzky said that false accusations often arise in the the case of divorce.