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  Shvat 22, 5772 , 15/02/12

Israeli Rapper Doesn't Want to Just "Forgive & Forget"

Israeli hip hop musician SHI 360 has released a new CD which contains hard hitting lyrics about the Arab-Israeli conflict. In his song "Forgive and Forget" he raps, "We forgive and forget before tears are even dry / We let it slide when it goes against our pride / They kill themselves to kill us." 

The Israeli born rapper's parents moved the family to Canada when he was young. As an adult he returned to Israel and release several CDs in Hebrew. His latest album "Shalom Haters" is in English. He often performs on American and Canadian college campuses and has done benefits for such organizations as Taglit-Birthright and PresenTense.  

SHI 360 spoke on Israel National Radio's Israel Beat Jewish Music Podcats with Ben Bresky about his music. "Whenever someone takes the side of Israel it's automatically seen as negative. [People say] 'he's a Zionist rapper and Zionist is a bad word,'" said the artist. "If you have a doubt about something, don't let the media feed your brain, go out and feed yourself," he added. 

For the full podcast, click here: Hard Hitting Israeli Zionist Hip Hop from SHI 360 
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