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  Shvat 19, 5772 , 12/02/12

Illegal Spotted-Gar Fish Seized

Inspectors from the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries Department uncovered and confiscated, Sunday, a shipment of about 220 Spotted-Gar fish - illegal for import into Israel - in a shipment of aquarium fish from Singapore. The fish (scientific name: Lepisosteus Oculatus), native to North America and Cuba is a predator which can destroy local fish populations.

An investigation at the point of entry indicated the fish were intended for sale in pet stores as a profitable rarity. The importer acknowledged that these fish were illegal for import. The Spotted Gar can grow to between 70cm and a meter/27-39.37 inches long and weigh as much as three kilograms/6.6 pounds. The fish in the shipment were about 15 centimeters/six inches long, indicating they were about two months old.

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