News Briefs

  2/7/2012, Shevat 14, 5772

Tel Aviv Stocks Off to Positive Start

Moderate gains were posted by all the featured indices on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange at the start of trading on Tuesday. The TA composite index rose .18 percent to 1,005.56, while the same percentage gain meant a 1,015.30 posting for the TA 100, including a .11 percent advance to 1,117.59 by the Maof 25 most-widely invested issues.

The communications stocks rose .39 percent to 709.88, while the same percentage increase meant a posting of 289.64 for most of the technology issues, the biomed index remaining unchanged at 762.47. The real estate stocks rose three tenths of a percent to 283.45, while the oil and natural gas issues checked in at 1,260.18, up .28 percent. The financial institutions rose two tenths of a percent to 918.67; the insurance stocks opening at 1,036.53, up .17 percent and the banking component rising .11 percent to 999.35.