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  Cheshvan 24, 5772 , 21/11/11

Albanian PM Against Unilateral PA Move

Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha told Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin, Monday, that the Palestinian Authority's unilateral efforts to be recognized as a sovereign state do not advance a political solution but sabotage the peace process. During a meeting in Rivlin's office, Dr. Berisha said, "The Palestinians must understand that this is not the way. The attempt to bypass Israel and the United States is a mistake. Peace between Israel and the Palestinians must pass through direct negotiations and promises of security for the two states."

Berisha also expressed his support for Israel vis-a-vis the Iranian nuclear threat and said that the he hoped the "Arab Spring" revolution would advance the cause of democracy, explaining that only democracies can sustain stable peace treaties. Rivlin thanked him for his support, noting Albania's Muslim character, and telling his guest that Israel cannot be complacent about the threat of Muslim fundamentalism being voiced in Egypt. He also recalled the end of Israeli dialog with Iran as a result of the overthrow of the Shah by forces led by Ayatolla Ruolla Homeini

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