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  Cheshvan 6, 5772 , 03/11/11

Thursday Evening Marks Prayer Change

Just before showers and thunderstorms hit Jerusalem, Thursday evening, Israelis marked a change in the prayerbook to start the rainy season by virtue of it being the 7th of the Jewish month of Cheshvan. Between now and the beginning of Passover, in a little less than half a year, the Amidah standing prayer will include the line "Ten Tal Umatar Liv'racha" (Bestow dew and rain for blessing). Jews outside of Israel will make the change on the evening of December 4th.

Israel depends on rain to fill Lake Kinneret/the Sea of Galilee and groundwater sources. Winter snows on Mt. Hermon help feed the lake. As of Thursday, the water level stood at 213.63 meters below sea level. The water level is 63 centimeters below the artificial "red line" where officials don't want to draw any more water from the lake. It 26 centimeters above the lake's level this time last year.

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