News Briefs

  10/17/2011, Tishrei 19, 5772

Ministers Katz and Peled for Freeing Jewish Prisoners

Ministers Yisrael Katz and Yossi Peled expressed support, Sunday evening, for the release of Jewish security prisoners in the framework of the deal to release more than 1,000 Arab security prisoners in exchange for soldier Gilad Shalit. The expression of support came during a gathering of the Likud Party's Jewish Leadership (Manhigut Yehudit) faction.

Faction leader Moshe Feiglin said, "This wish defines Jewish solidarity well, who feels the glaring injustice when terrorists who declare their desire to continue to murder are released while Jews, who acted as they did out of the pressure of the moment - and it's clear to all that they won't repeat their act - remain in jail."