News Briefs

  10/10/2011, Tishrei 12, 5772

Interns to PM: Get Involved

Medical residents pleaded with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Monday morning, to get involved in talks to resolve the crisis that has led hundreds of interns to resign and not show up for work. Representatives of the residents told a news conference, "The prime minister must show leadership and see the national interest with his own two eyes. Please get involved and solve this crisis."

The interns added, "We are at a difficult time, for many doctors this is an hour of despair." They concluded, "We are carrying on a just struggle for the image of public health, a struggle of values and morals. We doctors don't have tools for dealing with the Treasury, which has treated us like criminals during the negotiations. After weeks of negotiations, the Finance Ministry has won again, and the doctors and the public have lost."

The Treasury has scheduled a news conference for 12:30 on the negotiations. Taking part will be Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz and senior officials.