News Briefs

  10/9/2011, Tishrei 11, 5772

Rabbi Ya'akov Ariel: Coordinate with IDF Rabbinate

Rabbi Ya'akov Ariel of Ramat Gan called on civilian yeshiva rabbis, Sunday, not to issue private rulings on Jewish law that might affect religious soldiers without consulting with the rabbinate of the Israel Defense Forces. In a letter received by Arutz Sheva, he said the individual rulings could undermine the standing of Torah in the military and that the IDF rabbinate must be the body that makes the rulings that are followed in the military.

Rabbi Ariel said the IDF rabbinate can and must insist on the observance of Jewish law in the military. He added that private civilian rulings cause confusion and a lack of confidence in the military rabbinate, explaining that not only could that lead to undermining the authority of the IDF rabbinate but destruction of the Torah's standing in the military.