News Briefs

  10/3/2011, Tishrei 5, 5772

Elei Sinai Exiles Start to Build in Kibbutz Palmachim

A transfer of funds to the Gan Raveh local council was approved this week which will allow bids to go out for development of land for permanent dwellings in Kibbutz Palmachim, between Tel Aviv and Ashdod, for residents of the northern Gaza Jewish community of Elei Sinai, who were uprooted by the government in the Disengagement program of 2005. The funding follows a year of efforts to give the exiles membership as a community within the kibbutz.

Most of the 87 families who were uprooted from Elei Sinai chose to live in the communities of Neve Yam and Talmei Yaffe, south of Ashkelon, in addition to Palmachim.