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  אלול 23, 5771 , 22/09/11

PLO in Lebanon: Friday Will Only Change Framework

Abdallah Abadallah, a representative of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Lebanon, said, Thursday, "When our state is accepted as a member of the United Nations, it won't be the end of the conflict. It's just a new framework that will change the rules of the game," according to the Yisrael Sheli (My Israel) website, based on an interview he conducted with an American network in Israel's northern neighbor.

Referring to Arabs, mostly from the Galilee, who left Israel when the modern Jewish state was established in 1948, Abdallah stressed, "The refugees are Palestinians and that's their identity, but they won't qualify automatically for citizenship. Even Palestinian refugees who live in refugee camps in the future Palestinian state are still refugees and are not being given citizenship or a Palestinian passport." He added, "The state is within the '67 lines but the refugees are not just from the '67 lines. They are from all areas of Palestine."

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