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  אלול 21, 5771 , 20/09/11

Reservists Told: Fire Only at Infiltrator's Feet

Reservists called up under emergency orders to protect Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria from possible violence associated with the Palestinian Authority's statehood bid have been told, during training, to execute only "procedures for arresting suspects", which limit live fire to the direction of an infiltrator's feet. The instructions were given as a clarification to instructions that the crossing of certain "red lines" within the communities can be considered a threat to life which dictates "shooting to kill".

The Israel Defense Forces have deployed large forces in the region in recent weeks to prevent the outbreak of demonstrations associated with actions scheduled at the United Nations General Assembly. Three regular battalions have been reinforced and the call up of a reserves battalion is being considered. Israeli and Palestinian Authority forces are both being equipped with riot-control measures.

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