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  אלול 19, 5771 , 18/09/11

Dalia Rabin-Pilosoph Supports Amir Peretz

Dalia Rabin-Pilosoph, the daughter of assassinated prime minister Yitzchak Rabin, announced her support on Sunday for Amir Peretz in Wednesday's runoff election against Shelly Yechimovich to head the Labor party.

The former Labor Knesset member said, "Amir was a consistently loyal member of 'the Rabin camp', even when it was a small camp. Now, of all times, in these days of crisis, of Israel's diplomatic isolation in the world, we need a different perspective, a comprehensive alternative to Netanyahu's freeze policy." She added, "Amir represents Father's heritage. He was a pet, a confidant and ally, and I believe in his ability to lead the Labor Party."

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