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  אלול 12, 5771 , 11/09/11

Campaign Against Yechimovich over Judea and Samaria

The Chofesh Livchor-Chofesh Lehibacher (Freedom to Choose/Vote-Freedom to Be Elected) movement is campaigning against Shelly Yechimovich in Monday's Labor party primary because of her stance on Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. Movement chairman Yoav Gutreich, said Sunday, "A leader who does not see an ethical flaw in the settlements cannot be a societal leader. There's no lack of real societal leaders who are also people of peace."

The movement cited Labor's Amir Peretz, former Shas leader Aryeh Der'i and Dov Khenin of Hadas as societal leaders who were right to lead the left.

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