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  אלול 6, 5771 , 05/09/11

Livni: Government Should Take Initiative on Turkey, PA

Opposition Leader Tzippi Livni attacked the government, Monday, for its handling of the crisis with Turkey, saying Israel should have acted earlier to avoid the current situation, which she described as the "worst of all possible worlds". Livni said that with proper diplomacy, an arrangement could have been reached that didn't have the significance of "an apology with a gun pointed at our head."

The Kadima party chairwoman said, "I was there when relations with Turkey were not simple and they invited Hamas after Palestinian Authority elections. After my meeting with [Prime Minister Recep Tayyip] Erdogan, they took back [the invitation]. I have been in the negotiating room and I know what can be obtained and what cannot be obtained, so enough with the slogans." She said Israel should take the initiative and not go on the defensive, whether the subject is Turkey or the rest of the world, saying it is harmful to criticize the Palestinian Authority and make demands; rather Israel should initiate negotiations.

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