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  אב 30, 5771 , 30/08/11

Binyamin 1st-grade Population Up 14 Percent

Rabbi Ya'akov Libi, who manages public education in the Binyamin region, said, Monday, that 20,000 students will be returning to local schools this week. Most of them will be starting on Thursday, but yeshiva high schools and religious girls' high schools will be joined by Talmud Torahs before that.

Interviewed by Arutz Sheva's Hebrew service, Rabbi Libi said growth averages about 10 percent, but this year's first-grade class will be 14 percent larger than last year's. He praised the Education Ministry for getting involved in efforts to get Defense Ministry approval to build in six schools and add 45 portable buildings to accomodate the growth. Noting that not all of the construction will be finished, he said all the students will have a chair to sit in and a table or desk to write on.

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