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  אב 29, 5771 , 29/08/11

Oil Company Workers Protest at Steinitz's House

Workers for the Sonol oil refinery set up protest test outside the home of Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz Monday night. The workers are protesting the Treasury's intention to increase the excise tax on gasoline in the coming days. Although the price of oil has fallen, the companies that product gas, like Sonol, will earn less profit on gas, leading to the firing of workers. Workers carried signs saying “Yes to lower prices, no to firing workers.”

The heads of Israel's large oil companies were told in a recent meeting with Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau that they were expected to reduce the price of retail gas by at least 22 agurot. That money would have to come out of their profits, as the government has no intention of relenting on taxes, they were told.

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