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  אב 26, 5771 , 26/08/11

Rivlin: Check if Knesset Approval Needed for Sinai Move

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin instructed Knesset Legal Advisor Eyal Ynon, Friday morning, to immediately examine if Knesset approval is needed, under tems of the Camp David treaty, for Egypt to beef up its presence in the Sinai. Rivlin's call came following a report in London's Economist that Defense Minister Ehud Barak would approve such a move, with the backing of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, against the backdrop of last week's Sinai border terror attacks, which killed eight Israelis.

Noting the peninsula's status as a demilitarized zone under the treaty, Rivlin said that he would bring the matter before the Knesset if the proposed addition of thousands of troops and helicopters was a significant enough deviation from the treaty. He added that if such is the case, "Neither agreement between the defense minister and the prime Minister nor approval of the government is enough." Referring to an agreement on the patrol route along the Egyptian-Gazan border, Rivlin said, "Knesset approval is needed on any significant change in a diplomatic agreement. That how it was previously on the Philadelphi route and for this move."

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