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  אב 25, 5771 , 25/08/11

New Outpost: Ba'al Chatzor Mizrach

Land of Israel activists renewed, Thursday, the Binyamin-region Jewish outpost community of Ba'al Chatzor Mizrach, near Cochav Hashachar, in response to the government's recent demolition in the Jewish community of Ramat Migron and what they called "harassment of activists there".

The outpost's core group issued a statement which read, "We came to tell those hostile to the settlement enterprise: The demolitions and the harassment won't deter us. The attempt to bury Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria won't deter us." The statement continued, "It is written, 'The land of Israel is acquired through suffering.' We will continue, in spite of the difficulties, to build and settle in Judea and Samaria, and soon, with G-d's help, in all parts of Grater [literally 'the complete' -ed.] land of Israel."

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