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  אב 22, 5771 , 22/08/11

MK Ben-Ari Wishes Qaddafi's Fate on Tibi, Zouabi

Speaking Monday, MK Michael Ben-Ari said that Israelis should be joyous at the downfall of Muammar Qaddafi, and that a similar fate should befall Arab MKs Ahmed Tibi, Hanin Zouabi, and others. “Thus should Israel's enemies be destroyed,” said Ben-Ari. “When the evil ones fall there is joy, and G-d willing Qaddafi's hypocritical friends Tibi and Zouabi will also fall.”

Qaddafi's current whereabouts are unknown, but a host of world leaders urged him to surrender in order to end the bloodshed in the country. Rebel forces said Monday afternoon that they had nearly completed their takeover of Tripoli.

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