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  אב 22, 5771 , 22/08/11

Innovative Hypertension Treatment at Haifa Hospital

Several special catheterization treatments of renal arteries were successfully carried out, recently, at the Bnei-Tzion (Rothschild) Medical Center in Haifa. The treatments included burning of the sympathetic nervous system, which surrounds the renal arteries and regulates blood pressure. The burning induced a significant decrease of blood pressure in patients who have a difficulty in controlling blood pressure with drugs. The 40-minute procedure does not involve making a permanent implant and requires only one day of hospitalization.

The hospital now joins a small number of facilities that offer the invasive therapeutic procedure performed through a catheter to patients with high blood pressure resistant to drug therapy who are at increased risk. Professor Uri Rosenschein, one of the doctors involved in the procedure, said this week that "about 1,000 patients around the world have been treated so far using this method in international research which carefully tracked the patients. These studies have yielded good results in the very significant and long-term lowering of blood pressure without complications."

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