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  אב 21, 5771 , 21/08/11

The Light Rail Could be Faster

The new Jerusalem Light Rail is in use since Friday, but passengers on the free (so far) train were puzzled as to why it took the train half-an-hour to get from the French Hill to Damascus gate, a ride that would take about 6 minutes by car (or less).

Citipass spokesman Ozel Vatik explained to Arutz 7 that the train is so slow due to a state decision. In addition, traffic lights giving precedence to the train as it crosses traffic lanes are still being installed. It should take another 3 months. Citipass originally wanted to delay the launch until the train was at optimum speed, but the state wanted to launch now, anyway.

Vatik added that the synchronization of train and bus tickets was nearly done, and smooth train operation will happen soon.

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