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  אב 14, 5771 , 14/08/11

Gafni: Tax Changes Needed

Chairman Moshe Gafni said, Sunday, that change is needed to address the concerns raised by high-profile protests in recent weeks but that the changes should be made carefully to maintain financial sanity and stability. Speaking ahead of this week's committee meeting with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, the United Torah Judaism lawmaker said the committee has warned for the past two years that the subjects that would be raised in the protests were legitmate and represented a social time bomb. Explaining that the shortage of affordable housing could not be tackled overnight, he said the government should find long-term solutions.

Rabbi Gafni said that the state should keep an eye on trust and mutual funds to make sure that the volatility of the stock market does not wipe out peoples' life savings. Noting the government's success in keeping Israel out of the same kind of financial trouble that has rocked the rest of the world, he said the government should change things so that people have cheaper basic necessities under government supervision. That includes a significant lowering of indirect taxes, which are among the highest in the western world.

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