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  אב 12, 5771 , 12/08/11

Al-Assad Assault Continues

Syrian security forces continued their assault on civilians, Friday, according to anti-government sources and residents cited by United Press International. Heavy random machine-gun fire was heard, high-caliber shells were seen and scores of people were arrested in pre-dawn, house-to-house raids in Homs, Armed militiamen loyal to President Bashar Al-Assad burned and looted homes and shops according to Britain's Guardian newspaper. There were no confirmed casualties, a day after at least 10 people were known to have been killed.

Tanks and other armored vehicles returned to Deir Az-Zour, the seen of bloodshed last Sunday. Tanks and armored personnel carriers were also seen in the northwestern city of Saraqeb, where activists were planning massive demonstrations for Friday. Troops were also seen in the southern city of Nawa.

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