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  אב 11, 5771 , 11/08/11

Israel Mines Golan Border in Response to Demonstrations

Anti-personnel mines have been placed beyond the Golan border fence but on Israel's side of the border, according to the latest edition of the Bemachaneh (On the Base) military magazine. The mining in the area of the Golan territorial brigade is the first phase of activity that will extend to all of the border covered by the Israel Defense Forces' 36th Division.

The mining follows the crossing of the border by hostile Arabs in Syria on May 15, to mark the 63rd anniversary on the civil calendar of the establishment of the modern Jewish state, when mines already in place did not go off. It is in addition to the erection of fences, the digging of trenches and other measures to prevent incursions by demonstrators or other hostile forces in September, when violence is expected to accompany the Palestinian Authority's announced intent to unilaterally declare a state. Anti-tank mines are also being upgraded or replaced, in the first mining of the area in 10 years.

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