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  אב 11, 5771 , 11/08/11

Peretz to Yishai: Let's Break Up the Coalition

Member of Knesset Amir Peretz (Labor) asked, Thursday, to meet with Interior Minister Eli Yishai in order to discuss breaking up the ruling coalition and establishment of an obstructive bloc. Peretz welcomed the Shas party chairman's threat of a coalition crisis if  the problems behind the social protests are not dealt with.

Interviewed by Israel Defense Forces Radio, Peretz said the protest constitutes "a window of opportunity for Yishai," adding that, "members of the government are beginning to look outside," and ponder the dissolution of the coalition. Peretz continued, "In the second half of the term, members of Knesset and ministers are beginning to think 'Who will be the first to respond to the public spirit?' [Who will be] the first domino to cause the rest to fall?"

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