News Briefs

  8/11/2011, Av 11, 5771

Tel Aviv Stocks Slightly Off in Mixed Trading

Losses offset gains at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on Thursday. The TA composite index fell .01 percent to 944.49. The Maof 25 most-widely-invested issues rose .84 percent to 1,068.63 as the TA 100 closed at 958.70, up .31 percent. While the biomed stocks plunged 5.53 percent to 635.04, the rest of the technology stocks finished the day at 243.38, up .46 percent.

The oil and natural gas issues fell 3.85 percent to 966.06, while the media and communications stocks closed at 813.15, down .74 percent. The real estate index fell 3.08 percent to 256.13, while the Maalah Social Responsibility companies finished the day at 834.31, down 1.04 percent. The financial institutions closed at 937.84, down .79 percent.