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  אב 10, 5771 , 10/08/11

Histadrut to Peri Hagalil Workers: Return Dismissals

Chairman Ofir Eini of the Histadrut Labor Federation instructed Chairman Yona Partouk of the unions northern district and Chairman Motti Haziza of the Peri Hagalil Workers' Council, Wednesday, to return dismissal notices handed out to employees of the Hatzor produce processing plant at an 11:00 a.m. Wednesday meeting. The meeting between labor and management is to determine who will be in the first group of 58 to be fired among 120 who will be layed off as a result of the company's financial difficulties. Two years ago, the Chetzi Chinam (Half Free) grocery chain bailed out the company, but claims the government has not followed through on promises it made at the time.

The Histadrut contends that the layoffs are not justified since Peri Hagalil is making a profit. Eini said, "We will not agree to the workers paying a heavy price because of a disagreement between the government and the owners. From our point of view, it's possible to find a solution and we won't agree to the firings until all steps at a solution are taken."

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