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  אב 8, 5771 , 08/08/11

Ketzaleh: Govt. Should Have Supported My Law

National Union Chairman MK Ya'akov Katz (Ketzaleh) expressed regret over the death of a 3 year old Tali Darikova, who died after she was forgotten in a passenger van in Netanya. She was found Monday afternoon after being left in the vehicle for some six hours. She had been on her way to kindergarten.

Ketzaleh said that a law that he had proposed – that would have required all drivers to place an alarm in their vehicle that would alert them if they had left an infant or child in the vehicle – would have saved the child. Ketzaleh proposed the law a year and a half ago, but the government refused to support it. “Four children have died in similar incidents during that time. Had the government supported the law they would have been saved,” he said.

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