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  אב 8, 5771 , 08/08/11

IDF Refuses to Explain Opening of Old Route 60

Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered the old Route 60, which separates the Binyamin-area Jewish community of Beit El and the Palestinian Authority village of Jilazoun, open to Arab traffic last week in the name of Friday prayers during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. It's the first time the road has been open to Arab traffic since the Oslo Intifada, almost eleven years ago.

Dozens of Beit El residents blocked the road on Sunday in protest of the opening and the rock and firebomb attacks by Arabs that followed the opening. Attempts by Arutz Sheva to speak to military commanders were fruitless. The Spokesperson's Office of the IDF issued a statement saying that road will be open on a regular basis when engineering work is finished and that the IDF "is working and will work to continue to maintain security order in the area, including the road in question."

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