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  אב 7, 5771 , 07/08/11

Kadima Cites Netanyahu for Tax Hikes

The Kadima party attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Sunday evening, over the impending rise in electric rates. According to a statement by the party, "Netanyahu is the head of a tax government. The rise in electricity prices proves that Netanyahu takes the cries of the public lightly, and his words about the understanding he is discovering about the voices of the public protest are a lie and a cover for his real deeds."

The statement cites the prime minister for raising taxes on gasoline, water, public transport, property and electricity during his 2.5 years in office and hitting the middle and lower classes with critical blows. Referring to Sunday's announcement of reductions in taxes on diesel fuel for electricity production, the statement says, "Today he proved he can prevent and reduce this at any time. The public is groaning under taxes and Bibi is the one imposing them."

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