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  אב 7, 5771 , 07/08/11

Answers Sought in Sabbath Eve Eviction Try in Homesh

A number of Knesset members called, Sunday, on Defense Minister Ehud Barak to explain why soldiers from the Samaria Brigade were sent, shortly before the start of Shabbat on Friday evening, to evict Jews who wanted to spend the Sabbath in the northern Samarian Jewish community of Homesh. Homesh was one of four communities uprooted in the Sharon government's Disengagement program of 2005, but some Jews have maintained a presence there for four years. While they were able to hide from the troops, the soldiers confiscated their food and poured their water for the Sabbath on the ground.

Member of Knesset Nissim Ze'ev (Shas), who serves on the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, said he would demand a committee meeting to investigate the incident. Chairman Ze'ev Elkin of the committee's Judea and Samaria subcommittee said he has asked Defense Minister Ehud Barak's office to explain what happened and if the explanations are not satisfactory, he will call a subcommittee meeting on the subject. Member of Knesset Uri Ariel (National Union), noting that the eviction attempt violated past agreements, said a focus of any hearing should be that the incident is not repeated.

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