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  אב 4, 5771 , 04/08/11

Member of Har Bracha First-Response Team Arrested

A member of the first-response team in the Samarian Jewish community of Har Bracha, south of Shechem, was arrested, Thursday afternoon, during efforts to fight a fire set by Arab rioters in Giv'at Ronen (Ronen Hill) next to Har Bracha, according to the Honenu legal-aid organization. A rock fight broke out between Har Bracha residents and members of the first-response team who battled the fire, on the one hand, and rioters from the Arab village of Burin. Honenu said Border Guards and Israeli soldiers chased the Har Bracha residents after arresting a member of the first-response team.

The fire was brought under control. It's the fourth case in recent weeks of Arabs from Burin setting fire next to Giv'at Ronen. Last Friday, a fire in the area burned a large area.

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