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  תמוז 29, 5771 , 31/07/11

Bayit Yehudi: Protests Are Justified

MK Uri Orbach (Bayit Yehudi) on Sunday said that the national religious public would not stand on the side in the wake of national protests for a more affordable cost of living. “Education, health, welfare, and affordable housing are important for the national religious public,” Orbach wrote on his Facebook page. “We are partners in any protest that calls for a redistribution of national resources in construction, which should include Judea and Samaria, and the periphery, as well as movements to relieve the burden of tuition costs, lowering prices, and ending the worship of wealth and ostentatiousness.”

Bayit Yehudi chairman Daniel Hershkowitz said that the protests for affordable housing were certainly justified, even if it is being egged on by leftist elements seeking to unseat Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. “There is no doubt that things are harder for the  middle class in recent years, and the government must deal with the roots of the problem and make things easier for the middle class, which is the backbone of society,” he said.

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