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  תמוז 27, 5771 , 29/07/11

Gaza Kids Set Kite-Flying Record

Some 8,000 children taking part in the summer programs of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) set a world record by flying 4,000 kites at a beach in the north of Gaza on Thursday, according to the Deutsche Press Agentur. UNRWA spokesman Chris Guness said the kites were hand-made by the kids. A few samples of the thousands of kites flown were shown on  youtube, including one with a yellow map of "Palestine" reaching from the Jordan to the Mediterranean (thus having eliminated Israel's existence).

The event took place a few hours before the UNRWA  summer camp was set on fire by unknown individuals.

Chris Gunness had responded to this newsbrief, which originally said that the flags contained anti-Israel propaganda:

“The claim that kites at the UNRWA summer games world record breaker contained anti-Israel propaganda is totally untrue; it is without any supporting evidence like a picture or a source. This sort of groundless propaganda against UNRWA should end.

Arutz Sheva decided to check youtube, and found the flag described above, adding its description to the newsbrief after Mr. Gunness' response reached us. We were unable to check the approximately 3990 kites that were not filmed and hope the map was the only anti-Israel one that politicized a children's event. 

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