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  תמוז 26, 5771 , 28/07/11

Demographer: Forget Tel Aviv, Move to Upper Nazareth

In an interview with Arutz 7, demographer Arnon Sofer called on protesters in the Rothschild Boulevard tent city to move to outlying areas like Upper Nazareth, instead of demanding an apartment in “the state of Tel Aviv.” Speaking to Arutz 7, Sofer said “I would not build even one apartment in 'the state of Tel Aviv,' which extends from Hadera to Ashdod. Someone must tell the 'yuppie youth' that they should not bother fighting for an apartment there, because they will not get them.”

Sofer suggested instead that those seeking an apartment move to the south or the north. “If they all move to the periphery, the jobs will follow them. Pressure can be put on the billionaires who got rich off the rest of us to move their factories to these areas,” he said.

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